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Barker House


Carved Wooden Bears

Cliff House

Cliff House Flowers

Fall Foliage

Fruitcake Toss

Higginbotham Flats

La Fon Motel

Loop, The

Manitou Cactus

Manitou Carnivale

Manitou Incline

Miramont Castle

Olympic Torch

Pikes Peak



Rainbow Falls

Red Mountain

Rockey House

Ruxton Avenue

Seven Minute Spring


Spa Building (2006)

Spa Building (2007)

Stagecoach Inn

Store Fronts

Town Clock

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Snow Pictures

Colorado Scenery

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

I was filling my car up with gas at the Sinclair on Manitou Avenue, when I snapped a photo of Pikes Peak. It was a great day to be in Colorado's mountains!

View this photo at a larger size: Pikes Peak.

Great Views In Williams Canyon

Williams Canyon

Last weekend I hiked into Williams Canyon from Manitou Springs and trekked all the way into Waldo Canyon. About one mile uphill into Williams canyon, there is a waterfall with a beautiful view of the canyon as seen in the photo above. You can see my full picture collection here: Williams Canyon To Waldo Canyon.

View this photo at a larger size: Steve in Williams Canyon.

Shoshone Mineral Spring

Shoshone Spring

Shoshone Spring is one of many mineral springs in the downtown district. I snapped a few pictures of it and you can see more of my photos here: Shoshone Spring.

Native American Mural

Native American Mural

This beautiful Native American mural was created in 2003 on the 900 block of Manitou Avenue. I do not know too much about it other than the artist's name is signed "Kearston." Check it out the next time you're in Manitou!

You can see this photo at a larger size here: Native American Mural.

Late Summer Roadside Sunflowers

Manitou Springs, CO

My friend Kelly visited Manitou Springs last year in early September and captured this simple photo at the corner of Manitou and Ruxton Avenue. The sunflowers and other gardened plants look really pretty during the summer around here!

You can see this photo at a larger size here: Sunflowers.

Manitou Springs Post Office

Manitou Springs Post Office

The Manitou Springs Post Office is located in the center of town near the Cliff House Hotel. This historic building post is located on the old Wheeler property and has very attractive artwork in the main lobby that is worth checking out. The zip code for Manitou Springs is 80829.

View this photo at a larger size: Manitou Springs Post Office.

Snowman On Ruxton Avenue


Check out this snowman! In 2002, I spotted this well-crafted snowman drinking from a bottle along Ruxton Avenue. I thought in view of today's snowfall in central Colorado, this photo would be fitting. I declare this the greatest snowman created in Manitou Springs and all of snowy Colorado! :)

View this photo page: Snowman.

Manitou Springs Web Cams

Downtown Manitou Springs
Manitou Springs Web Cam
Web cam is provided by the Instacam.

Cog Railway
Manitou Springs Web Cam
Web cam is provided by the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

Web Cams Elsewhere

Woodmen & I-25 (Colorado Springs)
Colorado Springs
Web cam is provided by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Backyard in Buena Vista, CO
Buena Vista

Webcam is provided by the Steve in Buena Vista, a former Manitou Springs resident. :)

Manitou Springs Weather

Manitou Favorites

Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

Rainbow From Ruxton Avenue

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