The Manitou Cafe in Manitou Springs, Colorado

The Cliff House Flower Garden

The Cliff House Flower Garden

The spring flowers are probably in full bloom at the Cliff House Hotel on Canon Avenue. I lived in the downtown area of Manitou Springs for four years and occasionally walked by the Cliff House just to see the latest flowers on their grounds.

The Cliff House is a very classy and high-end hotel and restaurant that Manitou Springs can be very proud of, and they even contract a professional gardener to make the front look especially nice no matter what season. If you are looking to take your significant other for a romantic weekend getaway or just want to experience that extra ritz in a hotel experience, I suggest the Cliff House. They also have a large wedding banquet room, valet parking, a beautiful front porch area and a very nostalgic room with beautiful red interior decor! Many documents and photos of Manitou Springs' history are placed on various walls. On top of all this, where else in America can you walk across the street from a five-star hotel and play your heart out on some antique pinball machines from yesteryear? :)

All the best, Steve (Photo above taken in Summer 2002)

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