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Neon Lights - The La Fon Motel

La Fon Motel in Manitou Springs

Before the Highway 24 bypass was built that went up and around the town of Manitou Springs in the 1970's, W. Colorado Avenue in Colorado Springs and Manitou Avenue acted as the main artery west towards Ute Pass, Woodland Park and beyond.

During the 1950's, all sorts of classic motels from that era sprouted up, which were well-known for their "in your face" neon signs on the roadside. Today, there are still quite a few motels with the old throw-back neon signs on lower Manitou Avenue. One evening last year, I was just in the mood to wander throughout town with my digital camera, and I made a nice little pictorial that included this one: Manitou Lighted Signs. Here's a shot of the good ol' La Fon Motel. -Steve

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