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The Manitou Spa Building and Cliff House

Manitou Spa Building

Here's a photo of the Manitou Spa Building (left) and Cliff House (top right) as seen from the summit of Red Mountain. Also included is the Manitou Springs post office (top left) and the roofs of the Navajo Gift Shop (right) and Manitou Arcade (far right).

The Manitou Spa Building was condemned in April 1999, displacing a few small business and residents who rented from the building. Since then, the building has stood as an eyesore in the heart of downtown Manitou Springs, with retail owners complaining of it's unsightliness, some residents calling for its demolition and others insisting to keep hope that a wealthy entreprenuer would restore the building into its former glory ... just like the Cliff House across the street.

Long story short, a reputable developer bought the building and has been slowly gutting the building out with plans to renovate it. It is very interesting and exciting to see what comes of their efforts!

That's all for now. I spent the weekend in Ouray and Telluride and had a great time. I was very busy with my photography endeavors and right now, I would say my pictorial of Red Mountain Pass is my favorite: Red Mountain Pass. Check it out! :)

-Steve (June 6, 2006)

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