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Lower Ruxton Avenue in Manitou Springs

Ruxton Avenue

I snapped this photo while on my bicycle in late October 2005, just days before I moved to Buena Vista. It was sort of one last hurrah for me as I peddled all throughout the cozy neighborhoods in Manitou Springs.

Here's a shot of lower Ruxton Avenue, just 0.1 miles off Manitou Avenue. Ruxton Avenue is a fairly narrow and steep road that leads uphill to the Cog Railway, Barr Trail and Manitou Incline. See the red brick building? That's 103 Ruxton Avenue and I rented my first apartment in that building in the Summer of 2001. Besides having to deal with an occasionally rowdy, white trash, drunkard of a neighbor(s), all in all I enjoyed living on Ruxton. Anything that's a short walk to downtown Manitou Springs is a really nice place, isn't it? :)

So this web site is going to be a "journey" of sorts for me. While I have total peace about making the move to Buena Vista, I got the sense that I did not make full terms with my four years in Manitou Springs. I said "good bye" to many, but not all. October 2005 was definitely a rough month in my life, and the stress of moving didn't help. In some ways, I sort of "dissed" Manitou in my spirit during those last days as a way to justify the move, maybe similar to the way people might "keeps negative lists" in their head about their spouse to remind them of the reason they are seeking a divorce.

I think what originally inspired me with creating this site was my experience one evening last week, when I reflected about all the wonderful memories and good times I had in Manitou. I have so much to be grateful in what Manitou Springs did for me in my life. Hmmmmmmmmm! Perhaps I'll write about that another time! ;)

-Steve (May 30, 2006)
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