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The Day After A Manitou Springs Snowstorm

Manitou Springs, Colorado

When snowstorms hit the Pikes Peak region, Manitou Springs rarely gets the brunt of the storm. We'll definitely get some precipitation, but usually the rough blizzard conditions and snow accumulation happens in Woodland Park and the north and east parts of Colorado Springs.

On a sunny day in March 2002, Manitou Springs was shoveling itself out of snowstorm and I snapped this shot of the Manitou Incline with the Manitou Arcade sign in the foreground.

This is what I think I miss the most about Manitou Springs: The ability to walk around a quaint and interesting downtown area when I was just in the mood to get out of my apartment, refresh my mind and maybe have a friendly conversation with a local neighbor I bumped into!

-Steve (June 2, 2006)

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