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The Stagecoach Inn

The Stagecoach Inn in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Ah, now this is a sentimental photo. In September 2004, I had quite a few friends visit me in Manitou Springs and among the many fun things we did, we had a really nice dinner at the Stagecoach Inn.

Now there are many really classy and upscale places to dine in Manitou Springs (including the Cliff House, the Briarhurst Inn and Craftwood Inn), and some other great places to eat big, impress a date or enjoy great food (The Loop, Adam's Mountain Cafe, Savelli's Pizzeria), but I think my all-time favorite place is the Stagecoach Inn. The food is upscale but affordable, they offer buffalo, other wild game and fine wines with a really pleasant ambiance that includes a patio above Fountain Creek. Personally, my favorite dish is the cajun chicken alfredo dish! :)

In the photo above, starting from left to right is: Kelly from Kansas, myself, Lars from Germany, Bernie from New Jersey, Sarah from Idaho and Nick from Great Britian. What fun we had! You can see photos of what we did here: September 4, 2004 In Manitou.

-Steve (July 19, 2006)

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