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The Town Clock

Manitou Springs Town Clock

Here is a photo of the Manitou Springs Town Clock, located on the small triangle at the junction of Manitou Avenue and Canon Avenue in downtown Manitou Springs.

This is definitely an interesting piece of sculpture, as seen by the "Lady Liberty" woman on the top, the intricate design of the clock face, and the gargoyle-style faces near the bottom. Nice!

On most New Year's Eve celebrations, there are typically a few people who stand by the town clock for a countdown into the new year. Also, one should be grateful that the clock shows the correct time, for there were great periods during my residential stint in Manitou Springs (2001-2005) where the clock was not even working. By the way, if the clock is not working, contact Manitou's City Hall and local leaders can do what's necessary to assure that it is fixed in a timely manner! ;)

-Steve (July 13, 2006)

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